Meet Nellie Talbot

Nellie is a Virginia Tech graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and a minor in Art History.

To me, design is a way of life. I started Industry Seventeen because creating is what I love to do.

Buying handmade means that you are supporting someone’s passion. Industry Seventeen looks to strengthen the connection between the artist and the consumer, bringing the world closer together through ethical design. Not only does handmade mean “made with love”, buying a handmade item is one of the ways you can support a growing economic model. Buying handmade means you are supporting the artisan directly and in turn you are also supporting the local community. Buying handmade is a conscious decision, and contributes to the bigger picture. 


noun    in·dus·try     \ˈin-(ˌ)dəs-trē\

the habit of working hard and steadily